Meet the Designers

Coming from the business and fashion world respectively - Clare received a scholarship to study fashion design at KvB College (now Raffles college) in 2001 and has since worked in the fashion industry for a number of years. Kash on the other hand completed a degree in commerce at Sydney University and has worked in the corporate world for the likes of software giant, Microsoft their combined experience represents the perfect business partnership.


Sisters Clare and Kash OHaras love of fashion started from a very young age. From as young as 4 and 6 (respectively) the girls learnt the craft of sewing when they stayed at their grandmothers house on weekends. With the help of their grandmother Joan, the designers would lay out the paper patterns, cut the fabrics and sew beautiful girly dresses trimmed with lace and accessorised with silk sashes, that the designers Clare and Kash were only too pleased to model.


Having to grow up with 5 older brothers, Kash and Clare always stuck together. While their brothers were kicking the footy the girls were often inside playing dress ups. They would always manage to find their Mums prized possessions and style each other. They would walk around the house wearing their Mums high heels with their little feet taking up 1/4 of the shoe), her bright coloured dresses (it was the 80s), her fur coats and bright red or pink lipstick.


They lived in an old federation house which had a long hallway and they used this to mark their first runway shows in front of the whole family. From sewing and styling, their love of fashion continued to grow throughout the years and they always dreamed of starting their own label together. This dream became a reality in 2007 when they started OHARA.