Leather & snakeskin heels

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Handmade Genuine Leather and snake skin heels.  8cm (mid height) heel, 2mm in built padding throughout the sole of the shoe to ensure comfort.  The heels also have the unique red leather inner soles and blue soles.


Another important feature of any OHARA shoes is the packaging.  OHARA have designed a beautiful shoe box drawer with blue satin lining so that your shoes can be treated like Royalty (stay protected and are stored easily in your wardrobe).

Available in aqua, black, electric blue, red, silver & gold, and white.

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The Mrs Rogers heels are the perfect shoe to wear to a wedding or to the races.  These heels are so comfortable that you will leave any event with your heels in tact (not leaving with your shoes in your hand).  They are also the perfect height to wear all day at work.

Style it with: The heels come in an array of colours to dress up any OHARA outfit.  Choose a vibrant colour to wear with a black outfit or choose the black heels to wear for a more corporate look.

Getting married?- the white heels are the ultimate wedding shoe because the soles have your “something blue” covered!!


At OHARA we stand by the quality of our products. Please treat your genuine leather heels with care and use it in the manner in which they are designed for. Leather is a natural product therefore natural markings are unique characteristics of your product. Leather is designed to age with wear and will soften with use.


The leather used for the Mrs Rogers heels is very delicate and should be treated as you would treat suede. Please take care to avoid rain and direct contact with heat, oil, grease (make-up) alcohol (perfume, solvents) and other abrasive products.  Also avoid contact with any materials which may transfer their colour pigments on to your heels. 

When you aren’t wearing your Mrs Rogers heels, store them away in the beautiful OHARA shoe box drawer.